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Pets and loved animals commissions

Commissioning a pet portrait sculptures:


Pet and love animals usually have a very especial in the people’s life. If you are a pet lover, a portrait sculpture is one most beautiful way to homage your pet.  Having a sculpture of a loved pet is a manner to remember her or him forever. Moreover, pet portraits can also be made as a gift for someone who loves your or their pet. This kind of exclusive artwork will be an exciting experience and it will become a priceless treasure for you and your family.


Here are some steps to commissioning a personal portrait. It is my intention to produce a lasting work of art that reflects, in a very deep, the likeness of the animal portrayed. In a way, you can consider this commission as an artwork that it’s going to accompany to you and your family for centuries.

Procedures and payments:


If you are in the Miami (or surrounding) area, it is preferable that I meet with you for an initial consultation and photo session. This should take approximately one or two hours. During this talk, we must determine whether the portrait is going to be full body or head only. It will also take place discussions of pose, expression, clothing, hairstyle, age, as well as select the material, size, surface finish (patinas or paints) and edition number (number of copies).


If you are not available or live far away, you may submit quality photos. You can either mail them or send digital photos through email. The more detailed and the more different angles, the best. Here is a sample of the different angles for photos. You can also find more details about pictures in the page Photos Directions. On the other hand, if the portrait is being done posthumously I will need the more amount of visual information of the pet in order to build the best image possible. I will ask you by email about whether the portrait is going to be full body or head only and also about of pose, expression, clothing, hairstyle, age, as well as select the material, size, surface finish (patinas or paints) and edition number (number of copies).  




You may order a size between 30% and 200% life-size of the head or full body portrait. I would recommend 100%. Life-size scale busts are approximately 18 inches high, so they are a good size for displaying without being overpowering. Make sure that you measure the space if there are any restrictions. I also make custom small head portraits and you can order your own mini portrait of your pet (1/3 scale).



The original sculpture model is made in clay (either ceramic clay or plasteline). From that model I can make one terracotta (fired clays) or plaster cast (strong gypsums as hydrostone or hydrocal). Those techniques are recommended for indoors and they are more affordable than bronze. If bronze is requested, I will take model in clay to foundry where it will be cast for a professional team.  It is available to order several copies made as gifts for family members. Bronze is recommended for pieces to be placed outdoors, but can also be placed indoors. Although there are many examples of ancient terracotta pieces in museums, bronze is the most durable medium as a finished work.


Surfaces color of the finished piece:


Terracotta is an old and beautiful technique, and I can leave the surface with the natural color of clay or. Plaster cast also can be left with the original color, usually in beige or bone white, or can also be applied paints or metal patinas. In some cases, it will be applied a clear wax coat to cover the final surface.




Once I begin on your project, the total time involved in creating a portrait is approximately 8 to 10 weeks for ceramic clay or plaster cast, which varies depending upon size and several other considerations, and plan on at least 3 additional months for bronze.




Prices vary regarding what kind of animal will be portrayed, selected pose, size and material. The standard price for life-size, full body, terracotta sculpture of 15 pounds dog is $2000 plus shipping. Prices vary depending upon the requirements of the client regarding scale, size, material and complexity of the project (kind of animal will be portrayed and the selected pose). However, I will send you an exact quote once I have received your request. The prices for sculptures in bronze will need an additional quotation from the foundry.




Regarding payment process, there is a non refundable deposit of 20% when a sculpture is commissioned. 50% of the remaining cost is required upon client approval of the clay finished model. Client should have to review and approval the finished model before the sculpture goes to the final material. Client should see the sculpture in person or I'll send digital photos by email. The remainder cost is required when the bust is ready for delivery or ship.


Click here if you would like to request a quote for a custom portrait for your pet.


Thank you so much for being interested in my work.


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